Pembridge Pictures is the production entity umbrella which has been co-producing feature films written, directed and/or produced by Mary McGuckian since 1995. The company has produced over $75m usd of production content in collaboration with co-producers across the globe.


Mary McGuckian is committed to dramatic story telling from a female perspective and works on equal opportunities for women in the film industry.


All of her films have premiered at prestigious film festivals around the world from Sundance and Tribeca in the US, Venice and Locarno in Europe to Edinburgh, London and Galway more locally and many have earned nominations and prizes for cast, crew and the films themselves. 


Most recently, A Girl from Mogadishu picked up audience and jury awards at Mill Valley in the US and at the Semaine de Cinema Britannique in France. It was also the recipient of the Cinema for Peace Foundation Women’s Empowerment Award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2020.

Mary McGuckian received the WIFTS International Career Achievement Award at its annual event in Los Angeles in 2009.