the price of desire



the true story of how irish furniture designer and architect Eileen Gray's contribution to the inception of 20th century architecture was completely effaced and defaced by her nemesis, Le Corbusier - with Orla Brady as Eileen Gray and co-starring Vincent Perez, Francesco Scianna and Alanis Morrissette 



man on the train



an acclaimed remake of Patrice Le Conte's 2001 film, 'l'homme du train' with Donald Sutherland and Larry Mullen Jr in the title role released by tribeca entertainment and entertainment one - the film was presented at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Chicago and San Francisco in 2011




the making of plus one



set during the Cannes Film Festival, the picture packs a punch and pokes more than a little fun at the celebrity obsession fueling the modern day film industry, full of fads, festival red carpets, creatively incongruous commerciality and artistic dispensability in the far from glamorous reality that is independent feature filmmaking - the director received the WIFTS career achievement award in Los Angeles in 2009





an immaculate deception set in a high-end private fertility clinic in Las Vegas where the patients who gamble in the casino of conception politics discover that the inconceivable can happen - the film was first presented at the 2008 Taormina Film Festival - Jennifer Tilly received the WIFTS best actress award -

Ten babies, nine mothers… One father...’







set in a celebrity rehabilitation unit for addicts where the boundaries between therapists and patients blur - the film was first presented at the San Diego Film Festival where it won the audience award -  Jennifer Tilly also received the best actress award -


There are four universal healers... Singing, dancing, story-telling… And silence...’



rag tale


set in the coke and caffeine fuelled world of tabloid newspapers, where internecine politics are the stuff of sensational headlines - the film was first presented at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2006 -


‘Behind every picture there’s a story...’






the bridge of san luis rey



this ill-fated star-studded production of Thornton Wilder's pulitzer prize winning novel was released in a version far from the director's original vision - a decade later, the director's cut is underway according to the original script and will include twenty minutes of missing footage, cgi enhancements and the originally intended score







 pulling no punches in it's depiction of soccer legend, George Best's slow descent from the heights of his manchester united career, the man once dubbed the fifth Beatle for his glamorous lifestyle and good looks died in November 2005 at the age of 59 - his cause of death was a kidney infection, a side-effect of the immuno-suppressant drugs he was required to take after a liver transplant - the film won a number of international festival awards -



this is the sea



set during contemporary northern ireland's uneasy mid 1990's peace process, a farm girl, Samantha Morton, encouraged by a family friend, Richard Harris, bucks her staunchly Protestant upbringing by falling for a catholic who’s being recruited by the IRA - the film was first presented at the London Film Festival in 1997




words upon the window pane



the ghosts of Jonathan Swift and friends pay a visit to two Dublin spiritualists in this Irish drama, adapted from WB Yeat's one-act play - the film was first presented at the Venice Film Festival and subsequently at the Sundance Film Festival -